How Green Is Your Christmas Tree?

Every year, when comes the time to prepare for the Christmas Holidays, one question seems to come back time and time again: Should one buy a natural or an artificial Christmas tree?

From an environmental perspective, this question raises many passions, since both type of trees seem to have advantages and drawbacks.

Most people think that the traditional fir is better. For one, they say, the natural tree is... natural! It is often argued that it contributes to fighting global warming through carbon sequestration.

Others argue that the artificial tree can be reused year after year, and it does not need fertilizers and pesticides. Some say that the true environmentalist go in the wood to cut down his wild seedling. The most radicals have even suggested to stop
using Christmas trees altogether.

After all these years, the question remains. ellipsos has undertaken to put an end to this dilemma using a scientific approach.

The purpose of this study is to compare the environmental impacts of a natural vs. artificial Christmas tree using Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

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